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"Lisa's bubble workshop was so rich with learning opportunities. The children made their own bubble wands which developed fine motor skills in cutting, threading and tying simple knots. After having seen the amazing bubbles that bubble wands could make, the children were filled with a sense of purpose behind learning to use their hands dexterously. Lisa is highly skilled at managing the children's behaviour in a playful way, developing important qualities of impulse control and turn-taking. I would highly recommend her workshops and we'll be having her back for sure"

Kevin Davidson, Head of PE, Greenwich Steiner School, Bubble Sensory workshop, September 2016

"For our daughters 4th birthday we wanted to do something special but trying to find something suitable for a mixed group of children with and without disabilities has always been a bit awkward. Squidge and Pop seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Lisa was amazing with the children, including them all in games and fun. I could not recommend her highly enough."

Dan McEvoy

"Wow. Had a Squidge and Pop party for my sons 3rd birthday as I had heard that Lisa ran a fantastic workshop at the school i work at. I was blown away by how much fun everyone had, not just the children!!! Never been at a kids party before where all the adults were as involved and enjoying the entertainment as much as the children. The bubble activities bought a really unique experience to our party.

Lisa was so relaxed and helpful, I would highly recommend Squidge and Pop to anyone looking for a really fun and different themed party or workshop"

Laura Harding

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