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Welcome! Below is a list of services available to you, through me! Take your time and have a look around, please don't hesitate to get in contact with any questions.

Beautiful bubbles

 "With a flick of her wand, Lisa's bubbles appeared out of thin air, as if apparating from a hidden portal in space, gently morphing through beautifully curves and shapes, glowing with an irradescent rainbow sheen in constant flux...and with every group there was spontaneous 'woooooooaaaaaw' sound as our jaws literally dropped at the sight before our eyes!"

Lisa is a Bubble specialist providing stunning and immersive entertainment with ginormous bubbles.

Crowds are drawn and mesmerized to observe the fascinating bubble spectacle, connecting the community through this creative art form.

Great satisfaction and smiles are guaranteed!


Interactive walkabout and static bubble entertainment is available for indoor and outdoor events, parties, celebrations throughout the year.

Squidge and Pop deliver therapeutic multi-sensory bubble workshops in schools, children's holiday clubs and community groups. A magical and memorable learning experience fully inclusive and exciting for all ages and abilities.   

Multi-sensory Bubble workshops


Schools and Community Programme 

Bubbles can be used in so many different ways to promote cognitive, personal and social development. With a cross-curricular approach and through experiential learning, we deliver the Squidge and Pop sensory workshops using a range of methods and techniques with bubbles as the key teaching and learning tool.  


We help to create a positive classroom or community environment by facilitating a fun, immersive and interesting session, inspiring and motivating both student and staff.


Playing with bubbles encourages the young learner to explore identification tools, cause and effect, measuring methods, and investigate texture and viscosity. Bubbles help to develop fine and gross motor skills, language, letter, shape and colour recognition… An exciting way to introduce Physics, Chemistry, English and Maths!


Mindfulness meditation techniques are also integrated into the sessions using interactive games and movement. The learner acquires breathing and visualisation techniques that develop focus, relaxation and self-control. Promoting a feeling of well-being, respect for others and a love for one’s self, inside and out.   


For those with speech, language, emotional and social communication needs we support them individually in the sessions by using gestures and visual support such as Sign-Along, picture and photo symbols, schedules, intensive interaction and simplified language that meets their ability to process and understand.  


Groups and one-to-one sessions are available and are tailored to the group’s abilities and needs upon request.

fundays and events


Impressive Family Entertainment

Amaze your audience with bright rainbow swirling bubbles from the size of ants to the size of a car. Our interactive outdoor walkabout bubble entertainment is the perfect addition to bring fun, joy and happiness to your event.

Also great for indoor events, Lisa performs exciting bubble tricks. Guests learn how to skilfully make bubbles of all shapes and sizes from hundreds of tiny bubble spheres, to wobbling bubble caterpillars and put bubbles inside bubbles.

For a truly memorable and magical experience, we put people inside a giant bubble! A fantastic and beautiful photo opportunity!

Lisa uses children’s Sign-Along and picture symbols to help support those with communication difficulties allowing the bubble activities to be fully inclusive for all.

Bubble walkabout and static entertainment available for indoor and outdoor events, parties, celebrations throughout the year.



Unique and Unusual Entertainment

Delight and amaze your guests with a bubble spectacle. A flurry of swirling, enchanting bubbles greet your family and friends as they arrive at your special day.

Giant bubbles create a wonderful photo opportunity for both outdoor and indoor venues.

Outdoor walkabout bubble displays are fun for all ages to play together in a state of awe and wonder. Giant bubble wands and equipment are provided by us- watch the joyful magical memories be created by your loved ones.

For indoor venues, we put your guests be put inside a bubble. A guaranteed wow factor to your wedding!

Indoor table roving includes incredible bubble tricks such as the wobbling bubble caterpillar and the bubble carousel. Tricks and tips are demonstrated, your guests are then challenged to create their own bubbling creation keeping them happily amused and entertained.

Kids and adult birthday parties


Fun for all ages

Have an unforgettable bubble birthday celebration with Squidge and Pop.

We host unique parties with bubble themed party games, indoor bubble show, outdoor bubble play and put your guests inside a bubble. The hosts are fun and playful with lots of bubble tricks up their sleeve to entertain all ages and abilities.

We specialise in parties for children and adults with learning difficulties, autism and physical disabilities. Using augmented communication such as Sign-Along and symbol schedules we help the children understand what to expect from the event to alleviate worries and anxieties of their special day, allowing the whole family to celebrate together.  

Parties are usually an hour and suitable for up to 30 people.

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